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Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use ("Terms of Use") describe things that are required for any and all services related to ("PT Qareer Harapan Asia") sets forth terms governing the relationship between Users and Users in connection with access and/or use of any or all services provided by via the Internet. also assign appropriate Privacy Policy with the legislation in force as its best efforts to protect Personal Information and the interests of users.

The use of this terms affect the rights and responsibilities of Users under applicable laws in Indonesia. Therefore, the users are encouraged to read this Terms of Use thouroughly and carefully before accessing and/or using some or all of the services If the user does not accept one or both the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, users are expected not to join, to access, view, download, or otherwise use the services offered by

By continuing to access and/or use of services continuously, User acknowledges that User has read and understood the contents of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and that the user agrees to be bound by and meet all the conditions set by Jobs.ids.

  1. Article 1 (Definitions)
  2. Article 2 (Purpose)
  3. Article 3 (Protection of Member's Personal Information)
  4. Article 4 (Intellectual Property Rights)
  5. Article 5 (Emergence of Terms of Services Agreement)
  6. Article 6 (Strength of Agreement's Implementation)
  7. Article 7 (Interpretation)
  8. Article 8 (Notification and Changes to Terms of Use)
  9. Article 9 (Acceptance and Restrictions in the Subscription)
  10. Article 10 (Description of Services)
  11. Article 11 (Terms of Service)
  12. Article 12 (Temporary Termination of Terms of Services)
  13. Article 13 (Terms of Information and Advertisement Posting)
  14. Article 14 (Responsibility for the Content and Right to Verify Information)
  15. Article 15 (Authority of the Content and Its Use)
  16. Article 16 (Company's Liability)
  17. Article 17 (Obligations of Members)
  18. Article 18 (Indemnity)
  19. Article 19 (Disclaimer of Liability)
  20. Article 20 (Limitation of Liability)
  21. Article 21 (Safety Provisions)
  22. Article 22 (Language)
  23. Article 23 (Force Majeure)
  24. Article 24 (Settlement of Disputes)
  25. Article 25 (Refund Policy)

Article 1 (Definitions)

Some terms used in this document have meanings as defined below:

1) "Website" is a virtual business owned and founded by with a computer and other IT facilities or websites operated by, namely, to provide services to the user.

2) "Services" means (I) the work of managing and providing job information from listed companies through the website; (II) the work of building and collecting information database users ranging from personal data, photographs and CV, collected for the purpose of job search; and (III) any and all related services provided by the website.

3) "User" or the Users "are members and non-members are accessing and / or using the services provided by

4) "Member" or "Member" is "individual members" who have signed an agreement with to receive services provided by giving consent to the Terms of Use or through related services such as Facebook.

5) "Non-members" are people who want to use without a subscription service as a Member.

6) "ID" is an electronic mail address (e-mail) that is used by the Member when subscribing to become a member to match the data or upgrade the identity and use of the Service.

7) "Password" is a combination of letters and numbers that have been elected by members to verify whether the person who wants to use services such are the same people who are given ID and to protect the rights and interests of members.

8) "Content" is the job advertisements displayed on the website upon request and approval of the company providing the job vacancy.

Article 2 (Purpose)

The purpose of the use of this term is to, with regard to access and / or use Internet-based services provided by the Website operated by, describes the use of the Website Terms and Users, any and all related procedures and other things that need to be.

Article 3 (Protection of Member's Personal Information)

Member’s Personal Information is important for Therefore, must have an effort to protect the personal information belonging to Members in accordance with applicable laws, including but not limited to the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions. has developed and designed a Privacy Policy to protect personal information, the disclosure of Members belonging to the importance of how the Members using the service provided by and’s way to be able to obtain, collect and use personal information belonging to the Members. strongly encourages the user to read carefully and thoroughly the Privacy Policy before approving the entry into force of this Terms of Use.

Article 4 (Intellectual Property Rights)

All website content, including but not limited to the information, text, graphics, images, design, designs, photographs, logos, databases, and other content are the exclusive property or its licensors, protected by legislation in the field intellectual property rights that apply in Indonesia, among others, the Law on Copyright, Trademarks, Patents and other intellectual property rights. Prohibited to publish, download, reproduce, distribute, store, distribute, transmit, sell, adapt, alter, damage, destroy, remove, use, and utilize it for business purposes part or all of the contents belonging of website without the express written consent of Users are allowed to download or copy as many as 1 (one) copy of the website content for personal use and not for business purposes, provided that the content remains intact, not destroyed, removed, or modified. Exclusive ownership rights over such content remain on and the user does not have any right or interest in or to the content or part of content as a result of downloading or copy work.

Article 5 (Emergence of Terms of Services Agreement)

1) If a person who wants to hold a service agreement ("Service Provision Agreement") with read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and pressing the "I agree" or "I confirm", the person is considered to have given his consent to the Term of Use.

2) In connection with the application referred to in paragraph (1) above, can ask for confirmation about his real name and identity verification by professional institutions in accordance with the type of membership. Members must provide the name, date of birth, contact information, etc. of data needed to verify his identity.

3) Term of Services Agreement arise when filling Member Services application form (in this case, the membership subscription form) and announced on the website or give notice by e-mail to the Member concerned.

4) In the case of the procurement of Terms of Service agreement filed by a link to the media from the outside such as Facebook, Agreement Service Delivery arise when Member presses the "I agree" or "I confirm" to access and / or use the account information services from outside that belongs to Members, display or announce the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Services to the Members on the Website or give notice to the Members by e-mail.

Article 6 (Strength of Agreement's Implementation)

This Term of Use constitutes the entire agreement between the User and related to access and / or use of the Service by User The use of this terms has the strength and binding force as a law. The use of this terms is not only binding on what is explicitly provided in it, but also everything from the nature of the agreement on the basis of justice, customs and laws. The use of this provision applies and will supersede all communications, representations, warranties either oral or written, and the provisions of the previous agreement that exists between the user and, on the subject of the Terms of Use.

Article 7 (Interpretation)

1) Terms of Use is made and interpreted under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. The parties referred to in these Terms of Use, declare that it has agreed to comply with applicable laws in Indonesia.

2) Matters which are not regulated in these Terms of Use must follow the laws and regulations in Indonesia.

3) If members hold a separate agreement with, then the separate agreement would apply.

4) If there is a mismatch between the provisions contained in these Terms of Use with the provisions set forth in other separate agreements, then the provisions in these Terms of Use will be used.

Article 8 (Notification and Changes to Terms of Use)

1) should be posting more details about the use of this provision, trade name and business location, representative name, business registration certificate, contact information, etc. of on the main page that is easily seen by the Member or otherwise notify such matters to the Members.

2) may change these Terms of Use as long as it does not violate laws and regulations, including but not limited to the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions, etc.

3) If make changes to the Terms of Use, must notify the provisions regarding use of the results of these changes, along with the date of start into effect and the reasons for those changes, within seven (7) days prior to the effective date of the change until the day before entry into force.

4) A member is entitled to reject the use of provisions that have been modified, and expressed intention of that refusal within seven (7) days from the notification of the change. Where a member refuses Conditions of Use are amended,, as service providers, may terminate the agreement relating to the Member after giving notice seven (7) days in advance. If a member does not express intent rejection, or use the Services after the effective date effective changes referred to in the previous paragraph, the Member was deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Use that have been amended.

Article 9 (Acceptance and Restrictions in the Subscription)

1) In principle, must accept the service request filed by a user pursuant to Article 1 Paragraph (2) in order of applications received, unless if accepted will cause business problems or technical issues.

2) will not accept a Service request in the following areas:

A. If the application is submitted using the name that is not his/her real name or in the name of another person; or

B. If the application form is filled with false information.

3) In the following matters, can withstand prior acceptance decision until the reasons that limit them has been overcome:

A. If there is no available capacity for the facility of;

B. If is experiencing technical problems; or

C. If it is difficult to accept the request because of other causes related to

Article 10 (Description of Services)

1) can provide services as defined in Article 1 Paragraph (2) above, with the following description:

A. Services for job seekers to register and provide personal information including a CV with the goal of applying into a job that is available via the website;

B. Services for companies and employers to showcase and promote the jobs that are needed by the company;

C. Any and all services related to the examination of candidate’s information;

D. Services related to communication and information exchange among users;

E. Any and all services related to the provision of information on recruitment and job search assistance; and

F. Other services developed or provided separately by to Members through cooperation agreements, etc.

2) can add or change the Description of the Service, if necessary; but with the provision that should inform about the details of additions and changes to the Members.

Article 11 (Terms of Service)

1) provides service 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week, except in certain circumstances; but with the proviso that can establish a separate service for the provision of certain services depending on the type or superiority. In such case, will provide to the Members the announcement or notification in advance of the provision of such services.

2) In the case of system work session to process data or updates, maintenance work session to repair the damage, damage to circuits, etc., can stop its services for a while. If there is work session scheduled, must announce the length of time of the temporary suspension and the job description on the notice board.

Article 12 (Temporary Termination of Terms of Services)

1) has delivered a notice to the Members when the needs arise, including maintenance tools;

2) A telecommunications service provider based facilities temporarily stop providing telecommunication services; or

3) Instead objectively not possible to provide services due to force majeure.

Article 13 (Terms of Information and Advertisement Posting)

1) can provide to the Members various kinds of information via e-mail or postal services where the need of the use is already known, or which aims to improve services or announcing services based on membership.

2) can display ads related to the Service on the screen, website, etc. and can notify the Members via e-mail.

3) is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from any participation, or the exchange of information or transactions with the promotional activities of the ads that are made on or through the Services.

4) A Member of the Service is considered to have given consent for posting ads that is exposed long as he uses the Service.

Article 14 (Responsibility for the Content and Right to Verify Information)

1) A Member shall make the content in good faith based on facts. Basically, the content must be made by the Members themselves.

2) will examine the back and conduct screening (filtering) of content that has been made by Members so that will load the content on the website if it does not conflict with the "Rules on the Elimination of Content" and the terms and conditions referred to in Article 17. If the posting on the Website is not allowed due to violation of the "Rules on the Elimination of Content" or obligations of Members, the content should not be posted on the website without the express prior notice to the Member concerned.

3) If there are spelling errors, missing letters, or sounds sentences or contents that are contrary to social conventions or which is clearly based on false information in the content, can delete or correct it at any time.

4) If received a request from another person (or another company) to erase data that has been recorded by a member because of the false information, libel, etc. The Company may delete or not to expose that data without first giving notice to the Member concerned.

Article 15 (Authority of the Content and Its Use)

1) The contents provided by a Member shall be disclosed anonymously, and earned the right to use it as soon as contents was posted.

2) A Member may revise or remove content after ten (10) days after inserted. Content can be used as statistics on employment and related trends and statistical material can be reported by the press.

Article 16 (Company's Liability)

1) must do all it can to ensure that these services are available without interruption and stable as defined in the Terms of Use of this.

2) must promptly handle any complaint from a Member of complaints related to the Service. If it is difficult to be handled immediately, must notify the reasons of difficulty and the handling schedule the Members on the screen with services or other notification methods.

3) is not responsible for losses suffered as a result of service temporarily suspended due to force majeure or unexpected events or other system disruption; but with the proviso that is obligated to do its best to restore data or provide reasonable assistance to the Service.

Article 17 (Obligations of Members)

1) A Member shall comply with the legislation in force, the Terms of Use of this and other matters, as notified by A Member shall not be doing other things that can disrupt business

2) A member is prohibited to make derivative, reproduce, translate, publish, broadcast, or otherwise use the information he had obtained from the Service without the permission of in advance;

3) A Member shall not use the Service for any purpose other than to confirm the company information and ensure a healthy working relationship. During the term of service, a member is forbidden to do the following things:

A. Using another member ID unlawfully;

B. Conduct actions aimed at committing a crime or acts relating to criminal offences;

C. Defamatory or insulting others;

D. Violation of intellectual property rights and other rights owned by others;

E. Hacking or spreading a virus;

F. Continuously send certain messages such as advertising information outside of the will of others;

G. Doing something disturbing or threatening to disturb the stability of operation of the Service;

H. Utilizing information and Services Website for profit; and

I. Doing other things that harmful the norms and social order or violate other laws and regulations in force.

Article 18 (Indemnity)

1) If inflicts harm against a member, or if a user has suffered a loss because of the things that is caused by arising from service provided by, shall replace those losses.

2) Where a member of or cause harm to a third party because he had violated the Terms of Use, or if or a third party suffered a loss because of the things that is caused by a Member, the Member shall indemnify loss.

3) Where a member suffered a loss because of the things that is caused by other Members, is not liable to indemnify them.

Article 19 (Disclaimer of Liability)

As long as it is still permitted by laws and regulations, and Company Association, Officers, Directors, Employees, Administration Officer, or his agent shall not be liable in any way or be free of any claims for damage suffered by a user, either directly or indirect, arising out of or relating to the use of the Site, App, and its contents by the users or the inability of the user to use the Website, App, and its contents, including but not limited to errors or omissions in the content, or deletion, untruth or delay in delivery or loss of content or material posted via the Website.

Article 20 (Limitation of Liability)

1) Any action to access or use the Service from outside or other services through the Service, is the risk and responsibility of the User completely.

2) Without prejudice to the provisions above, and with due regard to the legislation in force, the responsibility of to users on all claims arising out of or relating to the use service is limited to the cost of which has been accepted by Jobs IDs associated with services that give rise to these demands.

Article 21 (Safety Provisions) is trying to take appropriate and reasonable measures to maintain the security of systems, data and services that are operated, acquired, and provided by However, can not guarantee its security and therefore requested assistance from Users to participate in maintaining the system security, data, and services by not doing things that are referred to in Article 17 Paragraph (3) in on.

Article 22 (Language)

The use of this provision was made, written and agreed upon in Indonesian and English. If there is any difference or discrepancy in interpretation between the Indonesian language version with the English version, the Indonesian version of the Terms of Use shall prevail, and other language versions should be changed so that it aligns with the purpose of the Indonesian language version.

Article 23 (Force Majeure)

What is meant by Force Majeure is any circumstance that are beyond the power of man to prevent and also events that can not be avoided by or if it can be prevented, the cost to make efforts to prevent it is higher when compared to the consequences, including but not limited to the problem of computer viruses or Trojan horse or dangers in system components that can disrupt the service of, web browser or computer system or Internet Service Provider, due to natural disasters, wars, riots, equipment condition, functioning system or transmission, interference in electricity, telecommunications disruptions, governmental policies, and other events or other causes that are beyond control or ability

Article 24 (Settlement of Disputes)

1) and Members will exert each and every effort needed to resolve any disputes arising in connection with the interpretation or implementation of these Terms of Use with deliberation to reach consensus.

2) If the dispute can not be settled amicably, then and Members agreed to resolve it through the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration ("BANI") in Jakarta.

Article 25 (Refund Policy)

1) reserves the right to cancel any advertisement at any time for any reason whatsoever.

2) There will be no credit or monetary refund for such cases.