Business Development

Perusahaan Dirahasiakan    Jakarta Barat

Pengalaman Kerja:
Fresh Graduate akan dipertimbangkan

Bidang Pekerjaan:
Sales & Business Development

IDR 7.500.00010.000.000

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

We are a leading multinational company engaged in financial services. 
The Business Associate program is a training program for producing successful leaders in our industry.
Dynamic work environment, clearly career path and special training directly from Singapore and Malaysia.

The benefits you can get are:
Millenials Working Space
Allowance Fee based on qualification (if target achieved)
Commision and Bonus
Insentive Trip and Recogniton
Promotion to Next Level Career



1. 24-35 years old

2. S1 Any Major (Fresh Graduate is considered)

3. Sales Experience is prefered

4. Target Oriented

5. Highly Commitment and Dicipline

6. Jabodetabek Area Only 

Diiklankan sejak 8 March 2022

Ditutup pada 28 March 2022

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