Human Resource Manager

Nextevo International Pte Ltd    Jakarta Selatan

Bidang Pekerjaan:
Human Resource

IDR 15.000.00020.000.000

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

We are looking for a Human Resource Manager to oversee the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring of new staff as well as serving as a link between the management team and its employees.
  • performance management and improvement systems
  • company employee and community communication
  • employee safety, welfare, wellness, and health
  • Link an organization's management with its employees
  • Plan and oversee employee benefit programs
  • Serve as a consultant with other managers advising them on human resources issues
  • Coordinate and supervise the work of specialists and support staff
  • Oversee an organization's recruitment, interview, selection, and hiring processes
  • Handle staffing issues, such as mediating disputes and directing disciplinary procedures


  • Knowledge and experience in employment law, compensation, organizational planning, recruitment, organization development, employee relations, safety, employee engagement, and employee development.
  • Better than average written and spoken communication skills.
  • Outstanding interpersonal relationship building and employee coaching skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and develop the HR department's staff members.
  • Demonstrated ability to serve as a knowledgeable resource to the executive management team that provides overall company leadership and direction.
  • Excellent computer skills in a Microsoft Windows environment. Must include knowledge of Excel and skills in Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).
  • General knowledge of various employment laws and practices and experience working with a corporate employment law attorney.
  • Experience in the administration of benefits and compensation programs and other Human Resources recognition and engagement programs and processes.
  • Evidence of the ability to practice and coach organization managers in the practice of a high level of confidentiality.
  • Excellent organizational management skills.
  • At least 3 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Preferably Manager/Assistant Manager specialized in Human Resources or equivalent.
  • Pengalaman minimal 3 Tahun

Diiklankan sejak 6 January 2020

Ditutup pada 18 January 2020

Tentang Perusahaan

We are a new startup in Singapore with production in Indonesia and Thailand. Our goal is to utilize agriculture residue/byproducts (primarily from coconut husk and pineapple leaf) by turning it to a 100% natural fiber, natural polymer, and coco pith. The raw materials derived from the agri-residue are all environmentally sustainable (recyclable, biodegradable) as it is all-natural, and it is part of the circular economy. Currently, these products are non-conventional materials which can be used as an alternative to non-sustainable components (such as plastic, leather, MDF wood). The application is diverse. It can be used in textile, building materials, furniture/furnishing, automobile components, sporting goods, etc.. The market trends on using sustainable products are expanding and gaining rapid momentum globally with higher growth in Europe and North America. In addition, we will be producing activated carbon from coconut shell. The activated carbon applications are water treatment, air purification, and decoloration/refined/solvent recovery (such as medicines, chemical, beverage/food, wine, and even gold refining). Scalability is our competitive advantage as our equity partners are significant coconut and pineapple producers. The production bases are located in Indonesia and Thailand. We are currently looking for key candidates who are interested in making environment green products. They will be the pioneer in this startup.

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Nextevo International Pte Ltd

Nextevo International Pte Ltd


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1 - 10 employees

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