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Grogol Sarana Transjaya PT    Surabaya

Bidang Pekerjaan:
Engineer, Safety

Gaji Dirahasiakan

Deskripsi Pekerjaan



- Melakukan dokumentasi CSMS untuk tender

- Membuat laporan HSE dan menganalisis data statistik kecelakaan kerja

- Melakukan peninjauan resiko assessment HIRAC, SOP / SWP dan JSA

- Membuat program kerja K3 dan perencanaan pengimplementasiannya


- Pendidikan Sarjana Teknik Lingkungan / K3

- Usia antara 30 - 35 tahun

- Laki-laki

- Pengalaman minimal 3 tahun sebagai HSE di Perusahaan

  Konstruksi / Tambang

- Memiliki sertifikasi minimal Ahli K3 Umum yang masih aktif

- Memahami tentang SMK3, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001

- Mampu menyusun JSA, Basic Safety Training, dll

- Siap bekerja di lapangan maupun proyek

- Energik, inisiatif dan memiliki kemampuan kerja team yang baik

- Bersedia melakukan perjalanan dinas ke seluruh area wilayah

  di Indonesia

Diiklankan sejak 3 December 2019

Ditutup pada 2 January 2020

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Gaji Dirahasiakan

Tentang Perusahaan

PT Grogol Sarana Transjaya is a family owned company that was established in 1968. Through best practice and improvements during the last few decade, the company has grown to be one of the largest heavy equipment rental in Indonesia. Currently, we operated more than 400 unit of heavy equipment and transportation unit combined. We aim to deliver satisfactory result of service to all of our customer with highest level of performance. PT Grogol Sarana Transjaya is a company which specialized mainly on Transportation, Heavy Equipment Rental, and Heavy Equipment Trading. We offered one time solution in coordinating all transportation and lifting needs in order to streamline the operation process to acquire efficiency in terms of cost and performance ratio for our customer. We are specialized in: • Inland and Inter Island Transportation Service • Heavy Transport • Heavy Lift & Project Cargo Services • Container & Cargo Handling • Door to door delivery • Warehousing and Storage • Haulage Service We have the knowledge, the experience, the manpower and equipment to handle even the toughest assignments. By combining flexibility with intelligent approach to lifting management, we provide a complete service tailored to the customer’s specific needs, saving time, controlling cost and streamlining operations. We aim to delivery satisfactory result for our customer in terms of lifting, transportation, cargo and container handling service. Anticipating the needs of customer is one of our strength. Partnership is the key to our success; it allows us to understand and respond to your needs, quickly and effectively. We take time to work closely with each of our clients, in order to formulate a transportation strategy which is tailored to specific requirements of your business, all with the primary objective of serving our customers Constant care is also a very important value at PT GROGOL. Each staff, in his or her own fashion, is expected to contribute to reinforcement of the continuation and further development of the company enabling PT GROGOL meets the needs of its customers. We keep in our mind to following keywords: Quality of Service and Reliability. Our Vision “Meeting The needs of today’s customers and preparing for tomorrow.” Our Mission “To provide a complete & reliable one-stop service for all transportation needs, so our valued customer may purely concentrate on their core business.”

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Profil Perusahaan

Grogol Sarana Transjaya PT

Grogol Sarana Transjaya PT

Heavy Equipment & Industrial Machinery

Ukuran Perusahaan:
201 - 500 employees

Kantor Pusat:
JL Margomulyo 44, Blok A No 1

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