General Manager Marketing

Danora Agro Prima PT.    Jakarta Raya

Bidang Pekerjaan:
Marketing & PR

IDR 10.000.00020.000.000

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  • Plan an implementation strategy for overall company policy so that it can be run optimally Monitor the implementation of company policies and strategies and ensure smooth operations implementation so that it can run optimally and precisely
  • Control and evaluate the implementation of strategies to obtain strategic input as a proposal for the following year's policy
  • Evaluating and analyzing the results of the company's strategy and finding proposals for solving problems that arise
  • Directing the functions of the marketing department in carrying out company strategies Deciding policy strategies per month in implementing strategies per year
  • Addressing strategic issues in implementing company policies
  • Deciding strategic technical issues daily
  • Deciding a policy strategy per month in implementing strategies per year
  • Addressing strategic issues in implementing company policies Decides on daily strategic technical issues Skills
  • Having the ability to work with all levels of the company behave well.
  • Communication Proficiency (both verbally and in writing) Having interpersonal skills Leadership-minded, able to manage and supervise employees
  • Can solve problems, conflicts or crisis situations in the company quickly and precisely
  • Can perform various tasks and jobs quickly and effectively
  • Can be responsible for the task- its duties and can be a role model for employees
  • Can make decisions quickly and accurately
  • Have business acumen Problem Solving / Project Management Analysis Strategic thinking


  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Max Age: 40 years old
  • Min Exp: 0-5 years
Salary Range: Net 10 - 35 Mio/month

Diiklankan sejak 29 January 2019

Ditutup pada 28 February 2019

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Danora Agro Prima PT.

Danora Agro Prima PT.


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