Java Programmer

Myindo Cyber Media PT    Jakarta Raya

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  • Minimal D3 Informatics engineering/informatics systems/computer engineering/information systems
  • Minimal one year experience
  • Able to create java program, java spring
  • Able to build teamwork and communication verbal
  • Able to create web user interface design
  • Do the software development process
  • Have web programming skills
  • Capable of debugging software
  • Able to crate object‐oriented design

Diiklankan sejak 24 September 2019

Ditutup pada 24 October 2019

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MyIndo proud its self in giving the best Information Technology Solution to application development, web-based system and security.

MyIndo founded on September 13th 2005 under the name of PT. MyIndo Cyber Media. MyIndo has always been engineered by young, high spirit and talented people in the ICT business. For over 10 year MyIndo have been dedicated to serve and support corporates, government and organizations in Information and Technology.

In the pursuit of excellence, we always encourage our people to do the best in their field.

We believe that the excellent service comes from the heart. Not only partnership, we build emotional bound to understand your needs and help you GROW.

Information and Communication Technology keeps on transforming its function and develops in any possible ways. As the time moving forward, MyIndo will always be there to accept the challenge.


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Myindo Cyber Media PT

Myindo Cyber Media PT

IT & Telecommunication

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11 - 50 employees

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Jalan Radio 1 No. 21 Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan 12130

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